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Your Voice in Government

Contractors Coalition PAC

The last couple years have been very successful for the Contractors Coalition PAC. A record number of contributions have been made and the leadership of both ACCO and PHCC made contributions on a regular basis.

Like it or not, what the government does and does not do has a direct and fundamental impact on your business. Whether you are a Contractor, Associate or Affiliate member, you should be aware of what candidates and elected officials are pro-business.

Our industries have many friends at the state level and those friends have stood tall for you and your business on many occasions. We need to return the favor. By contributing to the Contractors Coalition PAC, we can work together to support our elected officials, whose decisions reflect an understanding of your business and interests and concerns.


PAC Contribution Form

A strong PAC representing our industries is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. In today’s political climate we cannot afford to be without a strong voice – the more members who contribute to PAC, the stronger our voice and the stronger our voice, the more influence and access we have.

All contributions make a significant difference in our efforts.  Donate today.  Both ACCO and PHCC thank you in advance for your support and we look forward to having our voice heard!