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2016 PHCC Awards Program

2016 PHCC Award Winners Announced!

Rick Seifert, D & A Plumbing

2016 PHCC Contractor of the Year
The Contractor of the Year Award is given to the individual contractor member who has demonstrated over and over his or her willingness to serve PHCC, the industry and their community with their time and talent.

Dry Patrol, Contractor Service Award

2016 PHCC Contractor Service Award
The Contractor Service Award is given to the PHCC member who has demonstrated his or her willingness to serve PHCC and the membership with their time, effort and talent.

Welker McKee

2016 PHCC Supplier of the Year
The Supplier of the Year Award is given to a supplier or wholesaler who has been supportive of the plumbing-heating-cooling industry and provides on-going assistance to our members.

BWA South

2016 PHCC Manufacturers’ Rep Award
The Manufacturers Rep Award is given to an individual who has supported PHCC, the plumbing-heating-cooling industry and our members.