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Legislative Day

The purpose of Legislative Day is to deliver our legislative agenda right to the door of our State Representatives and Senators. As an industry, we must proactively inform and educate elected officials of the consequences of passing over-reaching legislation that can have an overly burdensome and costly effect on small businesses and consumers. Without your strong support and grassroots action, PHCC and ACCO will not be able to accomplish our goals.


2018 Highlights

2018 Highlights

On May 15, 2018, 30 plus ACCO and PHCC members visited the Statehouse to meet with lawmakers to discuss Residential Licensing (HB339) and Workforce Development.  Legislative Day kicked off with an issues briefing to discuss current issues.  After the briefing, members met with over 40 legislators from the Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio Senate.  Our day ended with an evening reception that was attended by more than 70 legislators and staff at the Statehouse.

PHCC/ACCO Legislative Day

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


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